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Installation and Oath Ceremony 2021-22

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Installation and Oath Ceremony 2021/22 
IMA west Ghaziabad
Dear Colleagues, 
"Installation and Oath ceremony" for the newly elected IMA WG team for year 2021-22, is very well held yesterday 04th August at IMA BHAWAN, Vasundhara by Dr Sudesh Prakash, Election Officer. 
The occasion has achieved a very high enthusiasm by the  presence of respected dignitaries of National IMA,  UPstate IMA and IMA Ghaziabad . 
Dignitaries and distinguished Guests-
Dr Anil Goyal
Finnance Secretary 
National IMA 
Dr Sharad Agarwal 
National IMA HBI 
(Hospital Board of India)
Dr Rajeev Goel
Secretary, UP IMA 
Dr Ashish Agarwal 
President, IMA Ghaziabad 
Dr Mukesh Agarwal 
Trans Hindon Nursing Home Association 
Dr Yuvraj Sharma 
President Elect,IMA west Ghaziabad 
Vice President, THNHA 
Thanks a lot all of you sir for being so humble to attend the ceremony.
Your presence has given us full enthusiasm to work..
Your words of guidance have shown us the right path..
We always will need your support and love..
Dr Girjesh Rustogi 
+91 98183 20545
Dr Gaurav Mittal 
Vice President
Past Secretary 2020-21
Dr Amit Agarwal 
+91 99105 11582
Dr Vivek kapoor 
+91 95559 55935
Long Live IMA 
Team IMA West Ghaziabad